Maintenance & Repair Services for Safes and Modular Vaults

Our experts hold CMS and CPS certifications, which are universally recognized in the protection and security field.For safe openings, installation and maintenance, our CMS & CPS certified technicians are second to none in the safety and security sector, coast to coast.

Our professional riggers can install, remove and relocate light to heavy weight products on short notice and get the job done exactly as you require.

No matter which safe model you own, we offer complete services:

  • 24/7 technical support anywhere in Canada
  • Emergency services responding to your request in less than 4 hours
  • Relocation or moving services for your safe, vaults, etc.
  • Levelling, door adjustment & anchoring services for safes

Quebec: 1-866-816-4558
Canada: 1-866-327-4688

We are backed by more than 30 years of experience in safe maintenance, repair & upgrades for residential, commercial, financial & government applications.

Safe installation, relocation & moving

Even the smallest burglary safes are designed to be heavy. That is why only an expert can move them correctly and safely. During installation, safes must be levelled and well fastened according to their weight and level of security.

We can move your safes anywhere in Canada, regardless of their weight, the number of stairs to climb or descend or any other type of challenging circumstances.

Safe maintenance

We advise changing combinations and performing regular maintenance on your safe.

Our certified technicians will perform a complete mechanical inspection of both the lock as well as all other moving parts in order to ensure your safe's operation is optimized. We may also change your mechanical or digital combination for your added security.

Regular maintenance could help you avoid costly repairs, lost operation time and loads of stress.

Do you have an outdated safe?

It may not protect you like you think it does... Contact us for a free consultation.

Safe modification

Have your cash management procedures changed? Need audit trails, time delays, multiple users? We can help.

Digital options offer numerous possibilities, such as:

  • Locks able to manage several individual codes (more than one user)
  • Control & verification reports
  • Time delay and timelocks

No matter your needs, we can help you. We will find the solution that best fits your situation.