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Small safe for RV's

RV safe.

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RV Safes


Safe type

Steel safe.

This small safe is specifically designed for installation in all types of recreational vehicles, thus giving you a very high level of burglary protection for your valuables while travelling

This unit comes complete with an anchoring system making it easy to install and anchor your safe in a discreet location within your vehicle.

We at MGM manufacture all of our burglary safe in Canada and only use superior locks and components in our product line. Unlike products coming from offshore our product is made to meet and exceed all industry standards.

Body construction

Made of 1/8” thick steel.

Door construction

Made of 1/4” thick steel.

Standard lock

One (1) high security electronic lock.

You profit exactly from the same electronic combination lock on this type of product which is used and installed on the banking and commercial safe.

This same lock is approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use on the U.L. approved safes.

Outside dimensions

8-1/4" high x 9-1/2" wide x 10" deep.


  • Mechanical lock with medeco cylinder.