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Rifle safe

Burglary tool resistant safe

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Riffle Safe
Riffle Safe
Riffle Safe
Riffle Safe
Riffle Safe


Safe type

Plate (steel) safe.

The Artemis series has been created specifically to protect your valuable firearms.

One large capacity internal compartment is locked by it's own electronic lock.
Dimensions: 10-3/4" H x 22-3/4" W x 14-11/16" D  inside.

Two models are available. Both equipped with an high quality electronic lock, wich makes access to the contents much quicker and easier than a mechanical lock.

For additional information, you may download our PDF documents

Body construction

Made of 1/8” thick steel.

Door construction

Made of 1/4” thick steel.


A class 2 type safe, with 6 mobile locking bolts made of plated steel, 1" diameter & 6 fixed bolts on the opposite side.

In order to delay any attacks, our ingenious boltwork design makes multiple attacks necessary. In fact, actually attacking and forcing one bolt will result in driving all the other locking bolts in the opposite direction and will make further attacks even harder.


  • Highly efficient bolt detent system that keeps the bolts retracted when the door is opened and never fails to engage them automatically when the door is closed.
  • Maintenance free Hinges.

Standard lock

One (1) LaGard 4200 electronic lock with a 3750 keypad.

Standard models

Artemis 9727 - 61" H x 23" W x 20" D,  weight 490 lbs.
Artemis A006 - 67" H x 23" W x 20" D, weight 510 lbs


  • 4-Wheel combination locks.
  • Second mechanical lock.
  • Electronic Locks.
  • Alarm Hole (Ø1/4").
  • Magnetic contact on the doors.
  • Heat detectors.
  • Seismic detectors.
  • Complete inner wiring of alarm components.
  • Anchoring holes (included if safe is less than 750pounds as per UL standards ).
  • Choice of heavy duty adjustable shelves.
  • Choice of Super heavy duty fixed shelves.
  • Special interior configuration (as per customer needs). Cash tray lockers, drawers, etc…
  • Recessed coin racks.