Custom Safes & Modular Vaults

We work with you to determine your precise requirements, based on the insurable risks—and by analyzing your procedures when handling money and valuable goods.Are you looking for a customized safe, fire resistive door or modular vault? In retail outlets, you will find inexpensive containers that protect your belongings from fire, but not burglary. They also present various risks:

  • Locks are easily opened and safes can be pried open by very basic tools.
  • If this type of safe is used in a business, you will probably need to give the password to multiple employees, thus exposing yourself to internal theft.
  • Storage is often insufficient.
  • You must settle for limited options.

Why settle for less when MGM offers high-quality products at a competitive price? Rest assured that your assets will be completely protected.

Why choose a custom-made safe?

We build safes or modify existing safes to respond to your specific needs. We work with you to define your precise needs based on your insurable risks and by analyzing your procedures in handling cash and valuable items.

Advantages of a custom safe built by MGM

  • Large selection of models: We build customized safes that perfectly adapt to your exact needs and are to the exact desired dimension. You even choose the door swing and colour!
  • Safes that maximize space: We use every available space within our safes by optimizing interior configurations, i.e. compartments, shelves, coin racks, etc.
  • Additional protection against internal theft: We have taken our years of experience and developed a cutting edge approach to manufacturing burglary safes.
  • Strong build: Our safes are manufactured in Canada with the highest quality components.
  • Discount on insurance: MGM safes meet and exceed current insurable risk requirements at all levels.