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Floor safe

Burglary tool resistant safe

Money Safe.

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Floor safe


Safe type

Plate (steel) safe.


Manufacturer burglary tool resistant certification on door and fascia of safe.

Body construction

Made of 3/16” thick steel. Encased in the floor with concrete reinforcement of 2” minimum.

Door construction

Made of 2” laminated steel and very high tensile steel.

The ½” thick high tensile steel that we are using in the construction of our door and door frame is up to 4 times more resistant than conventional steel.

Standard lock

One (1) Group 2 S&G 6730  3-wheel combination lock type with spy-proof dial.

Interior dimensions

  • 11" x 11" wide
  • Door opening is 7" diameter.


  • Key Locking Dial.
  • Drop chute.