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Night depository head safe

Category UL 771

Model number : DN-88-H

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Security listed
Night depository head
Night depository head


Safe type



Underwriters Laboratories certification of 30 minutes protection against fishing, forcing and trapping attempts. .


  • High grade polished stainless steel fascia.
  • Single depository opening that provides access for both bag and envelope or bag only deposits.
  • Safety double position anti-return system.
  • Low voltage fluorescent lighting located above the receiving cavity.
  • Ultra sensitive alarm contact device activated if forced removal is attempted.
  • Large bag capacity.
  • Bag opening secured by heavy duty corrugated pin tumbler lock.
  • 25 keys.
  • Assisted opening system that reduces the effort required to open and close the drawer.

Standard lock

One (1) CORBIN RUSSWIN key cylinder with 25 keys.

Minimal interior dimensions

24-13/16" High x 26-1/2" wide.


  • MEDECO key cylinder.
  • MEDECO key cylinder with BODYGUARD.
  • Extra keys.
  • Special customer logo.
  • Deposit envelope storage compartment.