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Commercial safe

We at MGM take great pride in the ability to recommend the exact product that’s right for you.

Today most companies will try to sell you an off the shelf cookie cutter product. Not based on your needs, rather on what they have available to them.

Our philosophy is totally different . We manufacture our own product line right here in Canada. We have the somewhat unique ability of offering you a product tailor fit to both your insurance risk and cash handling procedures.

We manufacture and supply the appropriate rated safe, options, size, interiors, doors, and a wide selection of locks.

We don't find clients for our products, we find products for our clients.

Personalize your safe

Contact one of our professionnal for more informations.




  • Cash tray compartments.
  • Coin storage compartments.
  • Large storage capacity compartments.
  • Deposit slots on inner doors. ( The standard is 1/2 x 5)
  • Drop chutes.
  • Sliding drawers.
  • Deposit drawers.
  • Rotary hoppers.
  • Safes with 2 or even 3 doors.
  • Safes with opposite doors.
  • And a lot more as per your needs.