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Safes for Every Need

Protection against theft and fire is essential, whether it involves money in the bank or narcotics stored in a clinic or pharmacy.

Whether it is to protect your home possessions, firearms or jewellery, MGM Security Group offers the strongest safes.

Here is a selection of safes and other security products available to you...

Do not give thieves a chance, thanks to our safes and other security products designed specifically for the financial sector.
Protect your narcotics and other controlled drugs. The safe interior is adapted to facilitate handling and storage of drugs, built to suit your specific application.
We offer safes, modular vaults and micro-vaults to keep your jewellery safe.
Functional and secure safe models and several useful options to meet the needs of retail stores, including depository, coin storage, interior configurations and multiple locking options.
Keep your valuables away from burglars and fire with a safe designed specifically for residential use.
Discover our wide range of safes and security products to meet the needs of the different levels of government administration as well as designing custom products meeting your exact requirements.
Put money and valuables in a safe place by opting for a safe that can deter tool and torch attacks rather than the most popular safes of this type can be easily breached with a screw driver.
Keep your firearms in spacious user-friendly safes that provide ironclad protection.
Discover all of our products. We can change some of the safe component as you want it. You can also customise your safe as you need it from the beggining till the final result.