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Custom-Designed Safes Manufactured in Canada

We work with you to determine your precise requirements, based on the insurable risks—and by analyzing your procedures when handling money and valuable goods.Are you looking for a safe in superstores?

You may find cheap safes that will protect your property against fire, however, they are not meant to protect you against burglary. The locks are easilly manipulated and the safe itself can be drilled or cut using simple tools.

In addition, if your safe is used for business, you will probably give your password to several employees, which exposes you to internal theft.

As for the storage space of these cheap safes, it is often insufficient. Moreover, you will probably not find the safe that meets your requirements: in a store, you have to buy one of the few available models.

Why settle for an unsafe solution?

MGM Security Group can offer you a safe of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

With an MGM product, you are assured that your property and your money are efficiently protected.

Why Choose a Custom-Designed Safe?

At MGM, we build safes and modify existing safes to meet your specific needs.

We work with you to determine your precise requirements, based on the insurable risks and by analyzing your procedures when handling money and valuable goods.

We have a wide range of products to meet every type of requirements.

Here are five reasons to choose a custom-built safe:

1. A wide choice of models.

MGM does not simply propose one standard model. We offer custom-made safes that adapt perfectly to each client's needs.

2. Safes which are space efficient.

We use all of the available space inside our safes by creating different compartments and by adding shelves.

3. Increased protection against internal theft.

We exercise considerable ingenuity in the manufacture of our safes to counter internal theft.

4. A strong build.

MGM creates very robust safes. It would take specialized tools and several hours of hard work to successfully access the contents of the safe, if at all.

5. Increased protection that appeals to insurers.

We help protect your property, a fact appreciated by insurance companies. According to the type of safe and the protection level, insurers can offer you considerable discounts.

Want to know more?

Contact us! We will explain the benefits of buying a safe manufactured in our Canadian plant.

You will be impressed by the efficiency and speed with which we are able to design and deliver your safe!